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A Few Thanksgiving Side Dishes You’ll Need This Year

Trinity Jackson | Posted on November 19, 2019

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Mac and Cheese

First things first…baked mac n’ cheese! I don’t know about anyone else, but my mom makes the best-baked mac. The best part is that she uses four types of cheeses too! This dish is super essential to my family’s Thanksgiving holiday simply because we finish it all before anything else. My family finds it hard visiting other houses during thanksgiving because we don’t trust anyone else’s mac n’ cheese; it’s just that good!

Deviled Eggs

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

Deviled eggs are next on this list, and I don’t want to argue! I’m aware most people aren’t a huge fan of eggs, so this one is for the real egg lovers out there. My grandmother taught me how to make this easy side dish at the age of 10. I would say this dish is so addicting that I truly have to limit the amount that I eat.

Collard Greens

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

Collard greens are top tier when it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes. I wish I could explain why it’s so delicious, but I can’t! This dish is probably at its truest potential when hit with the major spices. I might throw in a little more hot sauce for some “razzle-dazzle!”

Fried Cabbage

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

Next on the list of Thanksgiving essentials is fried cabbage, baby! I don’t know who taught my mother to master this creation, but I can confirm she knows what she’s doing. Add some bacon to this dish, and you might lose your mind.

Peach Cobbler

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

You cant finish your Thanksgiving holiday without dessert, and that is just science. My personal favorite Thanksgiving dessert is peach cobbler. Almost everyone in my family has mastered this delicious masterpiece, but my aunt has got it down to the “nitty-gritty.” I favor the dough more than the actual peaches inside when I was a little girl, but that’s an entirely different story.

I’m certainly no chef, which means I don’t have any great advice on mastering these dishes. If I tried to give cooking tips, someone might get sick. To make up for my lack of experience in the kitchen, I’ve provided some cool visuals to give a better idea of how delicious these dishes look.


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