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A Short List of Really Nice Cool Good Words


noun (a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream)

If you’re like me, you love staring longingly out the window. Perhaps you’re thinking about that girl in your finance class who you have a crush on. Or maybe you’re thinking about when you were a kid and you felt like you had it all figured out and things would be simple for the rest of your life. Or maybe you’re imagining yourself as a well adjusted person. One who doesn’t need to live in fantasies and instead can live in the present moment.

ex: I was lost in reverie and didn’t realize that I hadn’t said a word in two hours. How silly of me.


noun (the aftermost and highest deck of a ship, especially in a sailing ship where it typically forms the roof of a cabin in the stern)

Where my nautical peeps at? Next time you’re on a ship throw this one into a sentence to really impress people.

ex: Wow! That’s a nice poop!


noun (a magical or medicinal potion)

I like to call anything an elixir, it tends to really spices things up. The cold glass of milk I drink every morning to grow up to be a big strong man. The moonshine that I’m definitely not making in my closet. Or even the dog’s water bowl that I drink out of when nobody’s looking.

ex: He brewed a home elixir that sent his best friend into anaphylactic shock, resulting in permanent damage to his nervous system. Oh no! He was allergic to peanuts!! He would feel the weight of this guilt until his last days.


verb (fool or cheat someone)

Who doesn’t love a little prank? I am a God of chaos and I can never die.

ex: This wasn’t the first time, but it would surely be the last. I would never let another person be ravaged by the tickle monster ever again. I wanted to be the last face it ever saw. It would never bamboozle me again.

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