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A song that scares you…& why?

Ever noticed how powerful and influential songs can be in a movie? They unconsciously tell you when to be hopeful, joyful, sad, in suspense, or scared. As the music fades or the rhythm accelerates, you know when the bad guy is going to show up and cut a throat or two!

What a better theme to end this spooky week? Let’s show some last Halloween scary spirit!



Desiree, 29, stylist __ The “Jaws” film theme __ “I have always been scared of sharks. And the sea…very deep sea.”



Jeremiah , 25, student in economy __ The theme song of the horror movie Jeepers Creepers __ “When we were kids, my brother used to hide under my bed and sing that song.

Not a good childhood memory!”

. .

     Henry, 89, retired & life love __

“Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli __  ”It is often played as a funeral song. It reminds me that the end is near…Which would scare anyone of my age!”

. .

Aamir, 33, works in marketing __ “Frankie Teardrop” by Suicide __ “It’s one of those great songs you only want to listen to once. It’s a desperate man’s murder-suicide, who blows away his wife and child before shooting himself.  The music is increasingly anxious.” 

. .

Shannon, 28, traveler  


“Isn’t She Lovely?” by Stevie Wonder __ “My really very creepy neighbor used to hum this song every time I passed in front of his house. Every time I hear it now, I get goose bumps.”

. .

 Smash, 92 days, lantern __ “Pumpkin soup” by Kate Nash __ “Oh, I have no doubt that most of you like this song. But trust me, it scares the seed out of me!”


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