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A Super Bowl Preview

Get ready for Super Bowl Sunday!


The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks face off in Glendale, Arizona in an exciting match up for both teams.

The Patriots are returning to their sixth Super Bowl under star quarterback Tom Brady, while the Seahawks are aiming for a shot at a repeat after demolishing the Denver Broncos last year.

Both teams have had a turbulent season, but overcame their struggles in the regular season to turn it on in the playoffs and create an unforgettable 2015 NFL postseason.

The Patriots destroyed the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 in the AFC Championship Game, convincingly earning their spot in the big game and are riding high going into the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks looked lackluster against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game…for three quarters. After a fake field goal in the third quarter, the Seahawks gained momentum going into the fourth and tied the game up to cause overtime, eventually winning it on the back of Russell Wilson.

wilson and brady

The last time these two teams met was in the 2012 season, with the Seahawks barely edging the Patriots 24-23 with a last minute 46-yard touchdown for the Seahawks to win the game, similar to how they won in this year’s NFC Championship.

The Patriots are a tried and true squad, facing a lot of criticism along with a lot of success over the past decade.

The Seahawks are on the fringe of a dynasty, having won the Super Bowl last year and potentially once more this year.

Will the Patriots win and cement Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time, with four Super Bowl wins under his belt? Will they flounder and lose for the third straight time in Super Bowl appearances?

Or will the Seahawks continue their dynasty-in-the-making and win again?

One thing is for sure: this Super Bowl is going to be great.



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