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  • Hiba Awais

Airbuds Weekly Recap: My Chaotic Music Taste in a Nutshell.

There’s nothing more thrilling than gushing about your favorite things to someone with the same interests as you. It strengthens your bond and just makes you feel so understood. As this is my first blog post, I figured I should introduce myself by sharing my own music interests. What better way to do that than over-explaining my music listening habits?

Airbuds is an app that syncs with your preferred music platform, whether that be Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. It allows you to view what your friends listen to through Widgets and records your listening activity to provide a weekly music recap similar to Spotify Wrapped. 

Last week I averaged a whopping 1,492 minutes of listening (which is about 25 hours). I’m embarrassed to say this is less than usual. I listen to music constantly, like when I’m studying or braving my hour-long commute to campus, so I typically average around 2,000 minutes of listening. 

My top 5 artists from this week reflect my unpredictable listening habits fairly well…

1. Seventeen

I’ve been listening to Seventeen for around three years and I consider them my favorite K-pop artist. What I admire most about their music is their musical variety. As self-producing artists, they never fail to surprise me when releasing albums that dabble in different genres and experiment with new sounds and styles. 

2. Evanescence 

Fallen by Evanescence is, in my opinion, one of the best albums of all time. The listening experience is unmatched, from their artistic lyricism to the order of the tracks, the album is simply perfection. Lately, I’ve been delving into late 90s and early 2000s metal because it helps me focus while studying, which is probably why Evanescence is number two on my list.

3. Chase Atlantic

I was surprised to see Chase Atlantic made my top five artists. I listen to their music often because I love their unique style. There’s something deeply hypnotic about their music. As of right now, my favorite track of theirs is Like A Rockstar

4. Deftones

Once again, I have fallen victim to dad music. I really like that Deftones’ music is loud and all-consuming because it helps me get things done. My favorite songs are probably Change and Cherry Waves. I’ve also had Beauty School stuck in my head and often find myself absentmindedly singing the lyrics.

5. Ateez 

With the prospects of their North America Tour later this year, I’ve been obsessively listening to Ateez’s music. I love how addicting Ateez’s catchy lyrics are. My favorite songs are Outlaw and Cyberpunk. I really appreciate how dedicated Ateez is to their work. Their spectacular storytelling and captivating performances in their music videos and on stage make them stand out. I hope to experience their music live sometime this year!

My 5 most repeated songs from this week are a bit harder to explain…

1. Lithium by Evanescence (played 14 times)

Lithium is by far my favorite song by Evanescence. I simply fail to do the melancholic vocals and poetic lyricism justice during my car karaoke sessions on the way home from school. Since I frequently listen to this song, I won't be surprised if it tops my music chart in the year's Spotify Wrapped.

2. Tourniquet by Evanescence (played 5 times)

Something about Tourniquet’s distinct rock/metal vibe makes me feel like I’m in a 2000s film. Tourniquet is the first Evanescence song I recommend to new listeners because it encapsulates their vibe so well. The catchy electric guitar and chorus feel so nostalgic that you can’t help but fall in love with the song. 

3. Buddy Holly by Weezer (played 5 times)

I have absolutely no explanation for why this song made it to my top repeats list. You know how Spotify sometimes plays the same few songs whenever you hit shuffle? This is that song. Every time I hit shuffle on my playlist, the opening tune of Buddy Holly haunts me. It’s definitely a good song but in moderation. 

4. HISS by Megan Thee Stallion (played 5 times)

I usually don’t listen to Megan Thee Stallion, but I’m obsessed with HISS because of the witty lyrics and Megan's overflowing talent. I love how she doesn’t leave a single thing unsaid, which is one of the reasons this song is so fun to listen to. 

5. Monster by Seventeen (played 4 times)

I’m a huge fan of Seventeen’s Hip-Hop Unit because their songs and style are so distinct. They’ve mastered pairing unique backtracks with clever lyricism and produce hit after hit. Monster is one of my favorites by the Hip-Hop Unit because it reminds me of October and Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year.

I enjoy listening to artists in nearly every genre, so it can be hard to summarize my music taste with just one week’s worth of listening. I hope that some part of my Airbuds weekly recap resonated with you and did my sporadic music taste justice.




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