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All About Ab-Soul

About once a month I develop a new obsession with an artist. Usually they are in the genre of hip hop or R&B and this month was no different. Introducing the man I currently spend an hour a day cyber/YouTube stalking: Ab-Soul. Now Ab-Soul isn’t new to the rap game because he was signed in 2007 to Top Dawg Entertainment. Fun Fact, Top Dawg Entertainment also has Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q on the label. Ab-Soul hails from California and has made his mark in the rap world. I first came across him after listening to a radio interview where Chance the Rapper was promoting his song, “Smoke Again”, which I highly recommend you all listen to, and Ab-Soul came hard with his verse. I was hooked and quickly began looking him up and listening to his music. He has a chill vibe in some songs, and other times he is more playful with his verses. Ab-Soul is most definitely worth a listen and if you fall in love with his words like I did, he’ll be performing at SoundSet this summer in Minnesota.




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