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All The Time in the World

This new year has gotten off to a very COLD start. It feels like we’ve been in January for 6 months! Time is such an interesting concept. One moment we have all of the time in the world, and in the next, BOOM, it’s gone. It escapes our grasp when we ignore it, and it seems to last an eternity when we focus on it. We try to tame it by breaking it down into digestible pieces yielding years, seasons, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. But in the end we only end up with less time and more stress. I had a super meta conversation with my engineer friends about space and time the other day, and we dove deep into physics and how little we know about the way the universe works. It got me thinking about how time is relative, and how matter and space bend time and how gravity is the puppet behind the scenes pulling all the strings. The result was a headache and a stupor of confusion. 

After hours of pondering about my dreams and goals, I thought to myself “If only I had all the time in the world”. Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible maelstrom of epiphanies that would ensue. Quantum physics posits the idea of time-space; which is based on the foundation that if you collapse time you end up with space. This was a huge discovery! Instead of there being an infinite amount of spaces for us to cover with a limited amount of time (which is why we always feel robbed of time), these new parameters now allow for an infinite amount of time to cover an infinite amount of space. The issue with this theory is that it only applies to waves, and energy and not matter. “A thing”. Since no “Thing” CAN travel faster than the speed of light, you’ll always need time to cover space as “matter” or a “particle”. I needed more time, so I shifted my current goal to becoming no “thing”. That’s when I came across this beautiful thing called consciousness, something that we humans all possess. 

So little is known about consciousness, but what we do know is that it cannot be quantified. It cannot be measured. It cannot be located. It is unique to YOU. It is NO “THING”. You know what else is no “thing”? That’s right, WAVES. Electromagnetic waves to be specific. That’s when it finally hit me. The more I invest in harnessing my consciousness, the more time I have. I may not know all of the “hows?” and “whats?” and “wheres?” in my journey of achieving unlimited time, but what I do know for certain is that the first step starts in a shift of my mindset, a shift in consciousness. Instead of wasting our time wondering what’s the matter and mindlessly riding the wave, why not become the wave and wave goodbye to time mattering at all.

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