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And Then You Pray For Me Album Review

Westside Gunn's newest album And Then You Pray For Me might be one of the best albums of 2023. And Then You Pray For Me is a direct follow-up to Pray for Paris released in 2020 which put Westside Gunn on people's radar, including features such as Tyler the Creator and Wale. Although this album does not quite reach the level of its predecessor, it is still one of Westside Gunn's best projects to date.

This album includes stand-out tracks such as the Tay-Keith produced Kostas as well as incredibly produced Kitchen Lights, it is clear that the trend of amazing production on Westside Gunn albums has continued and somehow even evolved in this album.

However, this album is significantly held back by some unneeded tracks such as Chloe which might be a low in Westside Gunn's prolific career. Had the album cut a lot of fluff/unneeded tracks, it might have gone down as one of the best rap albums of the decade thus far.

Although it is rumored to be Westside Gunn's last studio album, this album is a very promising indicator that Westside Gunn has the potential to continue to evolve his sound and production.


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