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And What is Your Favorite Venue?

Lucky for us, (those who live in Chicago anyway) we have a wide array of concert venues. I myself have been to quite a few of them and have naturally liked more than others. After a number of great experiences and a few horrible ones I have decided that one can rank a venue based off of a number of things. First off, How big is the venue? Some concerts call for a small venue to get a more intimate vibe across. That is one of the reasons I adore The Hideout because its small space allows for you to get up close and personal with the artist. However, nothing is worse when you cram 100 people into an area that is suppose to hold 60 people tops. So its really dependent on the people to floor space ratio. Lets look at the next item on our list; decor. Anyone who has been to the Aragon Ballroom and has looked up knows what I am talking about. The Aragon Ballroom boasts an absolutely breathing rendition of the night sky on its ceiling. A venue should not only be a place for an artist to perform, but be a work of art itself. Third on the list? How big is the stage. The bigger the stage the more room the artist has to perform and spread their musical wings. Also, with a bigger stage there is normally a better chance of you getting close to it to take that killer picture that will get over 100 Instagram likes. The fourth item on the list is my personal favorite. What is the drink and food deal going on. Even if the venue is just alright but they are serving up bomb cheeseburgers you best believe I will be revisiting there real soon. Plus who doesn’t want to kick back sip a cold one and listen to their favorite artist? Lastly, and often most over looked, how friendly is the staff. A solid staff who is willing to help the customer can easily up the rank of any venue. Customer service is key to having a high returning customer rate. So now lets recap the ranking qualifications real quick…

1.Size of venue

2. Decor of venue

3. Size of stage

4. Food and drinks offered

5. Staff hospitality

Now I am asking YOU. What did I leave off my list? What is your favorite venue? Share some experiences that either have made or ruined a venue for you!



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