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Anitta: The Queen of Brazilian Funk

When someone claims the title of “Queen of Brazilian Funk,” they had better be ready and able to back their claims. Anitta, hailing from Brazil, was ready to prove she could put on an incredible show.

I’ve known Anitta ever since she released “Me Gusta" with Cardi B and Myke Towers. This song features lyrics in all three languages and incorporates many elements of Brazilian Funk, and I was hooked on it for a long time when it was released. I then started listening to some of her other songs as they were released, such as “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Gata” with Chencho Corleone. The latter was a remake of Plan B’s well-known “Guatauba.”

Anitta released her album Funk Generation with songs in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and some even had all three languages in them. Coming into this concert, I was excited to hear how Anitta could deliver these songs in these different languages. I mostly knew her English and Spanish songs, but I was looking forward to seeing how the crowd would react to her Portuguese songs.

It all started around 8PM when Anitta’s DJ came on stage to start playing Portuguese anthems, which the crowd sang word for word. Usually, I’m not much of a fan of DJ sets, but he also performed well-executed and coordinated dances while on the stage.

After his set was over, Anitta came on stage to start singing songs from her newest album. The concert was divided into different sets.

The first set showcased Portuguese songs from her album, such as "Joga Pra Lua" and "Savage Funk," as well as other collaborations she has had in the past.

The Second set contained many of her popular Spanish reguetón hits such as “Envolver,” which hit number one global on Spotify back in 2021, “BELLAKEO” with Peso Pluma, and “Double Team” with Brray and Bad Gyal from her newest album.

The third set contained a mix of stronger Portuguese songs and English songs, such as “Boys Don’t Cry” and "Love In Common."

Anitta closed out the concert by opening up space in the crowd for people to dance in, and proceeded to give her all while singing "Lose Ya Breath."

Anitta managed to deliver on all three of these sets by keeping the energy up at all times. The downtime between certain songs when she would change into a new outfit was perfectly tied into the show by quickly handing the spotlight onto the DJ, and then it would seamlessly pass onto her next song within a minute. 

Overall, the choreography of the entire concert was really well executed. Anitta and her team’s dancing reminded me a lot of Rauw Alejandro’s Style of concerts, where he heavily incorporates dancing into his performances. If you ever have the opportunity to see Anitta live, go for it! Her concerts are full of energy and will not disappoint.

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