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Anything For Selena

This year on March 31st marked the 21st anniversary of the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez’s death. Selena was shot dead by her fan club president a few weeks shy of her 24th birthday. Selena was an amazing soul who had such a drive for music and a love for her family that no one could measure. Even though I was not around during her career (she passed away a few months before I was born) or even know that genre of music, Selena has influenced me and touched my heart in many different ways, and I feel people do not even know about the real Selena. 


The first time I found out about Selena was when I watched the movie about her life called Selena starring the beautiful Jennifer Lopez (she did amazing in that movie and looks so much like her its crazy!) My favorite part of the movie is the ending, not because I am glad the movie is over, it’s because I get to hear the beautiful song Dreaming of You (this song is the last song ever recorded by Selena), and we get to see a montage of Selena and admire her. She was such an amazing performer and person. From all the interviews I have watched she is so humble and funny and has the most amazing laugh. She was the type of person that is rare to find these days especially in artists. To me she is so underrated. When you hear the name Selena you immediately think of Selena Gomez, rarely Selena Quintanilla Perez. Fun Fact: Selena Gomez was actually named after Selena Quintanilla because Gomez’s father was huge fan of hers. That right there is another reason why Selena Gomez is amazing besides being the amazing person she is.

Selena had and still does to this day a great impact on people. Whether you listen to Tejano music or you don’t. Even though I am not hispanic, I am 100% Greek but Selena makes me want to listen to her songs and watch her perform even though I don’t understand the lyrics! That is how amazing her star quality is, she connects with all of her listeners and she is truly amazing for that. In fact it was just announced that in October 2016 MAC is coming out with a Selena lipstick called Como La Flor! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see what other products they will release! 21 years later and her legacy still lives on. If you are also a fan of Selena or have watched the amazing movie Selena you should know we would do “anything for Selenasssss”.



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