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Artist On The Rise: Ieuan


At only 18 years old, up and coming R&B and pop artist, Joshua “Ieuan” Williams, is about to make his breakthrough in the music scene. On Friday, Sep. 9, Ieuan released his debut album, Pink Suburbia. The album, Pink Suburbia, consists of electronic R&B vibes, and according to the artist himself, can be described as, “adolescent, dynamic, and pink.” Ieuan also describes the music on his album to be, “very urban.” Pink Suburbia found success, landing a spot at number 12 on the iTunes chart.

Personally, I am very excited over the finalized version of Pink Suburbia. The album is raw, honest, and packed full of emotions. It consists of smooth vocals and nine tracks (my favorite being Oceans).

In a typical Ieuan song, you could expect to hear lyrics about love, relationships, and heartbreak. Though some tracks play on the heart strings, others are more pop centered and perfect party bangers, overall, a go-to-album to vibe out to.

In a recent interview, Ieuan tells us he discovered his love for music when he was about 8 years old while playing Guitar Hero. “I wanted to be on stage like the characters in the game!” says Ieuan.

The young musician then began to write and record music on his own. Two of his earliest songs can be found on his SoundCloud or Spotify, entitled, “Strangers” and “Freight Train.”


Throughout his journey of becoming a musician, Ieuan says he faced a deal of musical identity issues, such as what style he wanted to go with. He eventually found himself as an R&B artist, but still has time to experiment and grow.  Ieuan also claims to have struggled with promoting his music and finding a platform in the competitive music industry.

But in the past few months, Ieuan has been gaining the recognition he deserves. His number of Twitter followers has been increasing, along with his SoundCloud and Instagram followers. Though recognition is necessary to an artist, the number of followers Ieuan has is not the most important thing to him. Ieuan hopes to use his musical platform to help those who feel uncomfortable with themselves. He wants his music to but used as an outlet and to help those who fear rejection, whether it be by their family, society, or so on. In the future, Ieuan also hopes to use his music to be able to travel and perform all over the world, and learn from the people he meets.


Ieuan’s biggest goal at the moment is to sellout his home stadium, the Oracle Arena, in Oakland before his 21st birthday. Ieuan also plans on launching his first tour in 2017.

Ieuan possesses an unique talent, and has put nothing but love and dedication into his album. I highly recommend everyone gives him a listen, and checks out his album, Pink Suburbia, now available on iTunes.

You can find Ieuan on:

Twitter: @ieuanofficial


(all photo credit goes to Ieuan’s Instagram @ieuanofficial)


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