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ARTIST TO WATCH: Bryson Tiller

Who is he, another rapper? No, 22 year-old Bryson Tiller isn’t just another rapper. His R&B/Soul sound brings something new and fresh to the industry that was most definitely needed. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, B Tiller has seen his music grasp the attention of many teens and young adults all over the country in a short time. “After I dropped [“Don’t”] on SoundCloud, it seemed like everything came quickly. Every week something amazing was happening.”, he told Village Voice. After passing up a deal with Drake’s OVO Sound record label, he instead signed with major label RCA Records. As a new artist on the come-up, “Young Tiller” dropped his debut album entitled “T R A P S O U L” earlier this month.

The young singer/rapper hasn’t only gained plenty of fans, but he’s also gained the respect of his peers in the industry as well.

It’s no question that his music gears toward the ladies, but generally, people are feeling his soulful rap sound. His name’s all over twitter, and you can hear his music playing on pretty much everyone’s snapchat. If there was any time to jump on the bandwagon, it’s now. Don’t sleep on him.


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