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ARTPOP is finally here!


I have been a Little Monster since early on in high school. Earlier this year, Lady Gaga had to cancel her tour (the day before I was supposed to see her, might I add…my heart is still mending) due to needing hip surgery from an accident she had while performing. But now, Gaga is back and better than ever before!

For months, she sat contemplating ideas and writing songs that she knew her fans would love – and we do.

ARTPOP is far more pop-sounding than her previous albums, but still has its own sense of originality and uniqueness, that Gaga flair that I loved when first introduced to her music. By far, though, I would say it’s her most eccentric album – and I love it. ARTPOP is the rebirth of Gaga after so long of her being away from the public. I definitely recommend it if you need a good Gaga dance party fix.

Listen to a few of my favorites below:


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