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Azealia Banks, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, and Lupe Fiasco… more artist, less beef


When it comes to twitter beef, Azealia Banks is no stranger. If you were  to start a list naming all the artists she has had beef with over twitter… if you start today, you may finish in time for lunch tomorrow. The latest she has kicked up dust with is Lupe Fiasco. She also had words with Kendrick Lamar, and even Kid Cudi threw his piece into the mix.

But leave it to me to be a twitter-beef-buzz-kill-killa, que me taking a fork to a mobile device and havin at it!!… I’m gonna zero in on the lineup, starting with Kendrick Lamar. Some of my favorite highlights by K Dot are, the freestyle he killed in BET Hip Hop Award Cypher 2013. His challenge to skilled rappers with his devastating verse on Big Sean’s “Control”. His most recent release “I” stays in rotation on the airwaves.  And my personal fav “Never Catch Me” a collab with experimental hip hop producer Flying Lotus. The track and the creativity of the video were both very beautiful to me.  In a recent interview via Billboard he did mention that “the end is in sight” in finishing and releasing his upcoming album, with plans of a release in early 2015.

Azealia Banks raunchy, relentless, rebellious reputation precedes her. She may not fall short of drama, but she doesn’t fall short of creativity or fashion either. Granted, some of her stage costume choices can leave one to wonder… but the girl can slay when it comes to the mag editorials. Through it all, watching her grow as an artist over time, has been one hell of a ride. Her style is more EDM x Hip Hop x Indie. I’ve kept an ear out for her since her track “212”.  Fast forward to her most recent release “Broke with Expensive Taste”, from the cover art to the tracklist, I find it to be fitting and her best work yet.”Chasing Time” & “JFK” are my fav tracks off the album. I will say I like “JFK”, minus T. London verse tho.

Moving right along to the rager himself, Kid Cudi. “Just As I Am” with King Chip is a track that has me hoping we see more of these two collab in 2015. But one thing is for sure, Cudi is good for flying just under the radar. When he did a surprise leak of his track “King Wizard”, it definitely left fans in an uproar. Cudi has mentioned “Man On The Moon 3” being released in 2015. So far with his sequence in his albums, Cudi has shown growth as an artist. When it comes to following up an album, the Kid has yet to fail. I look forward to listening “Man On The Moon” 1,2, & 3…  but for now, we will have to see what comes out in the wash with Mr. Rager.

Last but not least, Lupe Fiasco. “Food and Liquor” almost 10 years old now… Its cool to look back and know Fiasco is still in the game. With tracks like “Pressure”, “American Terriost”, & “Hurt Me Soul”… at the time, could not understand  why so many people were not feeling this dude. A lyrical powerhouse, underrated and overlooked… but what else is new nowadays!! Loving the way he could infuse old school classic rock into hip hop and also still have tracks with a futuristic sound are definitely some of the things that caught my ear.  Fast forward to now… here we are, Lupe Fiasco with the loooooong awaited “Tetsuo and Youth”! It  is finally upon us!!! Just days away… “Delivery” & ” Adoration Of The Magi” are a couple of the singles off the album, due to release Jan 20th. With all his claims of retirement from rapping in the past, its good to see him back at it again in 2015.

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