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Baby it’s cold outside!

Brrrrrrrrrrr! The past few days have been freezing! Today marks the day where it hasn’t been below zero degrees since Sunday evening.

The past 36 hours have consisted of temperatures below zero with extreme wind chills that reached as low as -45 degrees in the Chicago area.  Schools were cancelled, flights had long delays; which ended up leading into cancellations, trains were delayed and Sun-Times reports that at least 4 men died after shoveling snow.

“On Monday, airlines cancelled at more than 1,600 flights at O’Hare International Airport, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation. On Tuesday, more than 1,000 flights were canceled at O’Hare.”  These cancellations led to frustrations by passengers.  Several passengers were stuck at O’Hare International Airport for almost 24 hours trying to find a flight back home.  The amount of times they had to hear that their flight was cancelled due to the weather caused stress and disappointment for those trying to get back home.

Although the roads may look clear now, be careful.  There is still a possibility of hidden black ice leading to spin outs and crashes on the roads.  “Illinois State Police said at least 60 crashes had been reported on Chicago area highways so far on Tuesday. Hundreds more crashes and spinouts were reported statewide on Monday, with state police assisting at least 2,500 stranded motorists.”

Fortunately, the weather this upcoming week is supposed to head into the high 20’s and mid 30’s. 😀  I mean, after dealing with weather below zero, this type of weather will feel like spring to us Chicagoans 😉 .


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