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BABY SMOOVE : a photo diary (1/27, WC Social Club)

Baby Smoove headlined a show at the WC Social Club this past Friday and the experience was filled with insane anticipation and great reward. 

The openers set up a vibrant and warm vibe for the show to embark, a great feat considering the hefty waiting time between openers and the main act. Between sets, their was a thick anticipation in the air, yes that smell was definitely anticipation… nothing else…

The feeling of Baby Smoove walking out was unmatched, the build up was beyond worth it when the crowd screamed and rushed closer to see their idol — the energy was beautiful and community cultivating. All the worries and concerns felt uneasy while waiting, but the outcome was great. Baby Smoove is a man of few words when performing, given this a photo diary is the perfect way to capture the feeling of the show. Please enjoy a visual account of this experience below! Thank you WC Social club for hosting us!

Baby Smoove was an amazing inaugural set for my first time at the WC Social club. His energy was unmatched and the DJ, with a little more audience interaction, stepped up his game to match the niche vibe the audience cultivated. 

Baby Smoove & openers captured by Kam Beavers (@kamsnappedit). Baby Smoove’s captivating performance is  photographed below by Beavers in an innovative and essence capturing way.


a photo diary by Kam Beavers and Belle Petajan


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