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Bandana Season is Upon Us

In the words of Freddie Gibbs “Let the games begin”

Rapper: Freddie Gibbs and Legendary Producer: Madlib return with incredible single: Flat Tummy Tea and signifies the coming of their sequel album: Bandana.

Rapper: Freddie Gibbs, who has been around the game since 2006 and after fighting a long battle with past charges of sexual assault, has been very active in the game since 2017 with dropping projects such as: Freddie, You Only Live 2wice, and collaboration album with producer: The Alchemist and rapper: Curren$y known as Fetti.Legendary producer: Madlib, who really needs no introduction, has he been around the game for a very long time and potentially holds the title of being one of the best Hip-Hop producers ever.

Back in 2014, they dropped their critically acclaimed collaboration album: Pinata that was very well received from Hip-Hop fans throughout and still sounds fresh to this day. They have teased this release over the years and have now dropped new surprise single: Flat Tummy Tea that was hinted as an Instagram post promoting brand: Flat Tummy Co.

Flat Tummy Tea: TRACK REVIEW

The single being only a little less than 3 minutes is outright fantastic. With hard-hitting production from Madlib creating a sense of urgency in the track yet still sounding very vintage. Freddie compliments the track with a very strong vocal presence and gritty in your face lyrics. In the middle of the track, there is a sudden beat switch that slows the track down with Freddie switching up his flow again. His lyricism ranging from talking about selling hard drugs in Joliet, Illinois to calling out the Obama Administration for not being strict on the legalization of marijuana.

This track is available on all streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Make sure you give it a listen and be on the lookout for the full release LP: Bandana.

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