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Beyoncé: A Compilation of Some of Her Shining Moments

Anyone that knows me, knows that happen to love and adore Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. In about a week from today, I will be attending my first concert of hers. I am immensely excited because I know that I am in for an exceptional show. Over the short but sweet Thanksgiving break, I was able to stop by Target to pick up her new two DVD package for her documentary “Life Is But a Dream.” The package included both her HBO documentary “Life Is But A Dream” and a DVD of her highly publicized comeback concert in Atlantic City. Like I’ve done with the predecessors, I have continued to watch these DVDs nonstop since I purchased them. I will probably know all of the choreography by the end of this week. So, in honor of my recent purchase and my preparation for next weeks concert, I have decided to make a compilation of some of my favorite Beyoncé performances. Look out for my coverage of the concert next week. Until then, enjoy!



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