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Beyoncé: All I Need For Christmas Is You


Around this time last week, I attended my very first Beyoncé  concert. After years of creepily obsessing over her every move and musical catalog, I can finally say that I have been in the same room as Beyoncé Knowles. The concert was like nothing I have ever experienced. The only other concert I have attended was a Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj concert in the tenth grade (NEVER AGAIN!). Since that rapping twosome is not exactly the toughest act to follow, my expectations for Mrs. Knowles was far greater than they were when I went to see Lil Wayne. Despite the fact that I own all of her concert DVDs and had seen most of her concert in a variety of YouTube clips, I decided to watch the show as if it was my first time ever seeing it.  In the end, she surpassed my expectations a gave myself and the rest of audience a show that we simply will not be able to forget. Watching Beyoncé in live form is far greater than any of those concert DVDs that I watch repeatedly. The show was electrifying, dynamic and an all around good time. I do not think I have danced and sang as much as I did for those three hours that I was in the presence of one of my all time favorite artists. Trying to keep your cool while you’re at a Beyoncé concert is pretty impossible. 

Furthermore, when I looked around and saw so many people of so many different cultural and geographic backgrounds, it was so apparent the impact that music has on the entire world. The way that music brings people together and allows them to put their differences aside is so powerful to me. As I looked around the room, I realized that no matter how different I was to my neighbor we all had one thing in common. We all loved great music and more specifically Beyoncé. We all laughed, dance, and sang together like we had known each other prior to arriving to the concert. Even though I probably won’t get much for Christmas, my experience while I was in that stadium was far better than any material possession. I will cherish that night forever, and I most definitely plan to see her in concert again. I would definitely recommend all of you to consider attending one her shows when she returns to Chicago in future.

Merry Christmas! 





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