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BoJack Horseman: Series Review

- Spoiler and Trigger Warning-

It was clear to most of my friends that I was automatically hooked when I started this show. From the excellent exposition work to the everyday life of these characters, I could not stop watching. Now that I've finished the show, I have some final thoughts. Off the bat, this show is incredibly made, has a great cast and the animation and drawing are smooth; the production was done very well. However, that is not only where the quality comes from.

I didn't think I would like the show when I started. It seemed like a famous guy complaining about his life; I had no sympathy for BoJack. He was always making mistakes, never apologizing and just being a crappy guy overall. But, as the show progresses, so does he.

Objectively, seasons 5 and 6 are the most difficult to get through because it is so clear that he is struggling. A guy you have come to care about is genuinely making an effort to be better; he improves himself, goes to rehab, becomes a professor, goes out of his way to help others, and then his whole life comes crashing down.

The writers are taking you on an emotional rollercoaster while BoJack drives everyone who loves him away because he cannot help but fall into these same behaviors. BoJack is just conforming to what he thought before, that it doesn't matter what he does; he always makes things worse. After he goes to rehab and gets his life together, reporters find out about the Sarah Lynn incident. BoJack's past is coming to haunt him.

The karma of his actions has caught up to him, but I found myself -- as a viewer -- no longer wanting him to experience the consequences of his actions. I have seen how he can become good and improve the life he has hated for so long. This is precisely what the writers aim to do. BoJack doesn't go to rehab, relapse and then almost die just for fun. The writers have created a story plot so the people watching get anxious and stressed for him. The audience feels sad.

We now know who he can be when he is happy or close to it, making the bad parts even harder. In the last episode, BoJack exits prison for a wedding and can see what all his friends have become without him. His agent/ex-girlfriend/manager got married, Diane (his best friend) is healthily dealing with her depression and is also married, and Todd (his old best friend) has a job and an apartment. Everyone is succeeding, and BoJack knows this will be his last opportunity to be with them.

Overall, this show was a good watch. While I found myself cringing at some parts and fawning over others, it was very well written and everything was done purposefully. If I could go back and watch this show for the first time, I would do it all over again. If you're on the edge about starting it, I suggest you do.

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--- Iva Peric



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