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Greetings, all! Ray here.

Honestly though, if I see the words “Kim Kardashian’s butt” and “broke the internet” in the same headline one more time this week, I’ll go off the grid, build a hut in the Pacific Northwest, and take up an ascetic lifestyle. I mean, the booty is fine—I’m just annoyed that tepid, listicle-generating “news sources” (à la EliteDaily, BuzzFeed, Gawker, etc.) have hopped on the booty’s trailing sensationalism and are generating nebulous clickbait faster than the speed of light. Maybe I’m just tired of seeing the same articles and quasi-opinion pieces that frame the booty in some sort of intellectual dialogue. And maybe this blog post is contributing to the problem (ha, as if!)

But thankfully, it’s not as bad as it seems—I think I’ll hold off on my asceticism plans for a bit longer. In a significantly more intellectual vein, the Philae probe from the Rosetta Spacecraft finally landed on comet 67P—a COMET. Although Kim’s booty enormously overshadowed this feat, this is huge news for the scientific community! Landing on a big, fast thing in the sky is pretty wonderful, I’d say. Sure enough, people worldwide have reported, blogged, and tweeted basically everything about it. It may seem (to college students) that Kim’s behind has garnered an enormous amount of attention. In reality, readers have been flocking more often to news articles regarding the probe’s landing than those regarding Kim’s photos published in Paper magazine. That comforts me.

And now for the mashup of the week! Following the release of Taylor Swift’s incredibly successful album 1989, I think a Taylor Swift mashup would be felicitous—this time spliced together by The Hood Internet, a Chicago-based mashup duo. So Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics in “Backseat Freestyle” are pretty raw and slick. But combined with the effervescent instrumental to “Shake It Off”? It’s dangerously addicting. Listen with caution!

A lot has been going on this week! How do you guys feel about 1989? The Hood Internet? Kim’s rump? The comet landing? Comment below!



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