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Brainwashed – While She Sleeps [Album Review]

While She Sleeps – Brainwashed


Fans of Metal, listen up! Readers in general, turn your attention to the UK band that is bringing the intensity in their second album ‘Brainwashed’. They go by the name of White She Sleeps and they are part of the Razor and Tie family. I had the chance to grab hold of their album last week, which was released TODAY, for a review. Let’s start!

Well at first I was a little confused by the first track ‘The Divide’, as it serves as just a quick intro to their song “New World Torture”. Their entire album a well put together with its mix that shows the heavy and lighter side to While She Sleeps. While you headbang to songs like “Life In Tension” or “Method In Madness” throughout the album, there are songs that you can take a step back from rockin’ out for a minute. Songs like “We Are Alive At Night” really makes me see the band in a different light with it’s beginning guitar intro before it jumps into the rest of the song.

As I was listening to this album I was reading up on the band and really was amazed with what I found out. I think we can all agree that singing takes talent, screaming takes it to a whole new level of talent. So when I read that Lawrence “Loz” Taylor (vocals) had surgery on his vocal chords…I was at a lost for words. His voice is powerful and strong that I never would have guessed he went under the knife. I do really enjoy when Sean Long and Mat Welsh join Loz, really bring a solid sound to each song.

This album is great and I’m not surprised because the UK has been presenting some really awesome bands lately. While She Sleeps will be on tour this summer on Vans Warped Tour, so that will be my deciding factor on how I feel about the band. The album is good and I just hope their live show is great as well. Be sure to check out their album and get ready because While She Sleep will be here sooner than you think.

Favorites: The Legacy & Trophies of Violence

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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