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Bridging the Gap

There has been a rise in the genre known as Latin Trap which is very popular in Latin America and starting to be very popular here in the United States. So I feel it’s time to talk about Latin Trap and Hip-Hop, and how to bridge the gap between the two. This genre has roots in Reggaeton and southern Hip-Hop sub-genre of Trap. Latin Trap originated back in 2015, and is now more popular than ever with artists such as: Messiah, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Anuel AA, Bryan Myers, Karol G, among other artists in the genre. It has even had old Reggaeton artists hop on the wave such as: Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Arcángel, and others start making music with Latin Trap artists. Now there are some rappers and Hip-Hop artists hopping on the wave of Latin Trap, and making music with these artists; such as Post Malone who recently released a Latin remix to the song “Rockstar” featuring Nicky Jam and Latin Trap star Ozuna.

There are two rappers who can bridge the gap between Hip-Hop and Latin Trap:

Cardi B

This Dominican rapper is an obvious choice as she’s already had a huge hit with “Bodak Yellow” and the Latin Trap remix of it with Messiah. She already has a big appeal in Hip-Hop, and can have a bigger appeal to the Latin audience, and can bring a bigger audience to Latin Trap scene as she’s already big in Hip-Hop.

Snow Tha Product

This Mexican female emcee has been underground for most of her career, but has been working her way to have more mainstream appeal, but a good way to have some of that appeal would be to have a more Latin Trap feel in her music as she has songs in Spanish, such as a Reggaeton song in “Nuestra Canción” and made a remix to it, a Playz-N-Skillz remix and Pt. 2 featuring Reggaeton artist, Arcángel. She was also featured on a song by Playz-N-Skillz, “La Movida” featuring Messiah, in which she killed her verse. She can be at the forefront for being a crossover artist between Hip-Hop and Latin Trap, and she can have a lot more mainstream appeal, and not just the underground Hip-Hop scene. She also has 2 Latin rappers in Castro Escobar and LexTheGreat and singer AJ Hernz that can also bridge the gap between Hip-Hop and Latin Trap, as she’s recently started helping them.

I feel bridging the gap between Latin Trap and Hip-Hop might give a bigger acceptance to Latinos in Hip-Hop who for the most part have been widely overlooked for the most part, and give them a bigger audience, since artists like Big Pun and Baby Bash who were pretty big artists in their respective times.

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