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Burial of Talent Who Get Over By Themselves?


WWE has various talent among its ranks such as: Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Asuka, The Authors of Pain, The Revival, Gallows & Anderson, Finn Balor, and so many more. However, there have been various talent that has been buried for various reasons. Some have been buried for their social media, older wrestlers refusing to put young talent over, issues with management, set aside for the golden boys of the management, and one very surprising one is for getting themselves over without the help of management. 

It’s very baffling for wrestlers to get stopped in their tracks and buried, for them getting themselves over, because the company can have a wrestler to push, because they get cheered by the fans and sell a ton of merchandise; however, management, more specifically Vince McMahon doesn’t like that they get over by themselves for whatever reason. He probably doesn’t like that they don’t do it his way with bad scripts and bad promos which hurt the wrestlers. There are many great talents that have been buried when they were very hot. One good example was Zack Ryder who got over with his internet videos. Recently Breezango was buried for getting over with their Fashion Files skits. Rusev & Aiden English are being buried for their Rusev Day merchandise and chants, because they can never get the big wins they deserve and always take the pin. There was only one person who escaped that and that was Daniel Bryan, because the fans clamored for Daniel Bryan and his “YES!” chant was very over everywhere. I feel that wrestlers should be given some freedom to get over, because restricting them makes them unhappy with their position in the company, which makes them leave for better opportunities. Rusev & Aiden English can be very big stars if given the big push that they deserve, because they’re very popular with their the fans for the “Rusev Day” chants. These wrestlers should be pushed, because they have the whole crowd behind them and sell various merchandise.


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