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C-Zar – 4 Chi City Radio Recap


Recent on 4 CHI CITY RADIO, Chi City artist C-Zar came through for an interview and to share the latest… Here’s a recap.

Name your top five favorite artists? Any genre… Dead or Alive

Tupac, DMX, Fab, 50 Cent, Bob Marley

Tupac & Bob Marley – Their beliefs in standing for something bigger than yourself, for your people and having the courage to do so. I believe in that as well… I also believe they had lyrics ahead of their time.

DMX – His rawness! No glitz, No glimmer, just raw passion. I could listen to him as a kid and understand what he meant or felt as an adult. His has gritty/semi conscious lyrics that I identify with that. He definitely has an influence in my way of rapping.

Fabolous – His dope word play and ability to stay true to who he is without conforming to stay relevant over the years. That speaks a lot for his character in my eyes. I hope to do it as well as he does one day and have others speaking the same way about me.

50 Cent – He’s a street dude who used the knowledge he had of the streets and applied it to his business. That even with the odd stacked against you, cant nothing stop you when you apply knowledge and a strong grind together and handle that business.

What inspired you to become a rapper?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. My OG (Mom) use to carry notebooks full of poems she wrote around and I would run across them as a kid. That had an influence on me… not even realizing it at the time. I remember turning my school notebooks into “Lyric Books” instead of notes in like 4th grade. I was always smart in school… so class bored me, I needed some creativity so I wrote stories, poems, and raps… and found out I wasnt too bad at it. I used it as a release or a hobby for a while, so eventually I turned to my original passion and decide to go all in with it and I aint turned back since.

What is one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist?

My biggest accomplishments as an artist I would have to say are getting my songs “Thats My Bae” and “Who TF” played on many radio stations in different parts of the country including XM Radio stations. Doing my midwest promo tour and going to perform at this year’s SXSW. I’ve been watching other upcoming artists do this event for years, and now I’m that upcoming artist and no longer just watching but performing, so thats dope to me.

Check out C-zar freestyle below

IG @czar_of_gmclan

What do you hate & what do you love about Chicago?

I hate the violence and the injustice in our city.

What I love about Chicago is the willingness and heart to stand for what you believe in. There’s power in numbers… the sooner we learn to work together… the sooner we will see change!!

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