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Camp Flog Gnaw Makes a Comeback! - (Off the Grid)

After 4 years of hiatus, Tyler the Creator's L.A. festival makes a comeback with an impressive lineup. Camp Flog Gnaw is Tyler The Creator's own festival, which debuted in 2012 and has had an original lineup year after year that included many of Tyler's friends and upcoming artists. Taking place normally in the fall, this year's carnival is this past weekend!

This year, it is taking place in Los Angeles, specifically at Dodger Stadium. The festival is also a carnival that includes many carnival games, attractions, food vendors, and rides. After the long-awaited comeback, tickets went on sale in June of this year and completely sold out the same day. Some previous artists who have performed have been Mac Miller, Pharrell Williams, OFWGKTA, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, and Juice Wrld.

This festival seems like one of the most diverse and exciting festivals in the music community today. Such a diverse lineup includes Fuerza Regida, which is regional Mexican music; Kali Uchis, which is mainly pop and indie; SZA, which focuses on R&B; and artists like PinkPanthress, who recently blew up for her internet pop sound. This festival will include limited merchandise from artists and probably limited edition GOLF clothing. GOLF is Tyler the Creator's clothing brand, which is technically designed with most pieces ranging from $50 and up. He has a more luxurious brand named GOLF le FLEUR*, which has a Lacoste collaboration and a custom fragrance.Tyler,r the creator, is known for thinking outside the box and not being afraid to take risks. Owning two brands, collaborating with well-known brands like Converse, starting his own music festival, opening three stores around the world, and creating wonderful music videos, albums, and storylines for fans to follow. Hopefully, I get the chance to attend next year and be able to experience this event. Below are some images of the performers, and I'll also include the link for people to watch the performance on Amazon Music.



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