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Can The Bulls Just Tank Already?

Butler and Wade Pic

Hello fellow Chicago Bulls fans, its pretty clear that we’re not winning the chip this year. We’re not even in the playoffs, currently in the standing we are listed in 9th place. Can someone explain this to me please. The east is so weak. You don’t even have to be above .500 to be in the playoffs. The Bulls can’t even win half their games. This incredibly disappointing. I’m more disappointed in the Bulls than I am myself, and that says a lot.

But what I don’t understand is why don’t they just tank for the rest of the season. They probably should have started a while ago, but at this point its almost unbearable to watch them stay at mediocrity. Dwayne Wade is out for the rest of the season. Jimmy Butler is basically the only player on our team.

The Bulls could take a page from the Suns and the Laker and sit their vets so they can both develop young players and not risk wins that will take away anything from their draft lottery position. We can just sit Jimmy for the rest of the season, and then if we win games its cause our young core is developing, or we lose games and hopefully we better our draft position.

I just cannot take this team trying to win, but then end up doing something wrong at every turn. Its time to focus on next season, and try to fix the issues that plagued us this season.


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