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Can We Talk About Covers for a Minute?

Readers, tell me how you feel about covers of songs! Personally I love them, to a point where I will spend a disgusting amount of time on YouTube looking up covers of my favorite songs. I fall in love every time I hear a new rendition of a song. Of course you run into those tone deaf people who believe they are YouTube material when they are anything but. My favorite artist of all time will forever be Frank Ocean and when I have free time, I kid you not, I look up covers to his songs. And not just by other noted musicians, but people who are singing in their bathroom because the acoustics are better. It is amazing how many talented singers are out there who do it just for fun and aren’t trying to be discovered. I recently found a Thought Catalogue that had 14 covers of Beyonce songs and all had me enchanted. I’ll post the link below. But now I am begging, BEGGING you all to please comment with some covers that you think I need to listen to! I’m open to all types of music, and of course love all types of covers. Here is the Thought Catalogue link:

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got for me!



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