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Celebrating “Jimin Day”

Brittany Kinlow | Posted on October 16, 2019

Happy Jimin Day

Twitter: @BTS_twt

In the eyes of an ARMY, the birthday of every member from BTS is celebrated like a global holiday. Each “holiday” lasts for about two days, if not longer. October 13th is the birthday of the beloved singer/dancer, Park Jimin. Born in 1995, on Sunday (in the western hemisphere) Jimin turned 24 (25 in Korean years).

Celebrating “Jimin Day”


Twitter: @BTS_twt

While in Saudi Arabia, Jimin held a live stream for fans on the app “VLive” in order to reconnect and chat with ARMY, and begin the celebration of his birthday a day early. This live stream has received millions of views and comments, and over 0.33 billion hearts. Many fans sent in birthday messages and asked him about things going on in his life currently. One thing he was asked about that many fans took interest in was whether he played the video game “BTS World” or not. Jimin responded, “I do not play the game because I don’t want to be my own manager. I’ve debated about playing it, but I don’t think I could watch the videos of us [BTS] acting.”

The other six members of the group took to Twitter to share a birthday surprise. Some of the members shared very heartwarming images of Jimin, while others posted hilariously distorted pictures of him. Jimin was surprised last year when the members didn’t post any funny or weird pictures of him, but this year, the boys went all out. Fans were very entertained. Also, during their performance in Saudi Arabia, the boys sang happy birthday to Jimin in Arabic.

On social media, fans have been posting plenty of edits, images, videos, fan-fictions, imagines, and hashtags as a way to celebrate Jimin. In fact, on twitter, Jimin was trending so much that it broke a record. He is now the first person in the world to ever simultaneously take up all 20 spots on Twitter’s Worldwide Trends chart.

Fans have been hosting events all over the globe where ARMY can get together and celebrate Jimin’s birthday. Fans have also been doing amazing birthday projects in honor of the eldest in the maknae line. Many people even baked cakes in order to celebrate.

We hope these past few days have been very enjoyable for you Jimin, and we love and appreciate all of the hard work you have done for ARMY and the other members of BTS. Happy 24th Birthday Jimin!

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