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This break, I experienced something I never thought I would. A feeling that doesn’t go away in days, weeks, or maybe months. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy. I am still recovering and, for a while, will be recovering, but I am here to talk about change.

Sometimes we force things on people because we get too comfortable and do not measure boundaries. Other times, people need their space. Change can be very uncomfortable but can lead to some of the best eye-opening experiences and self-growth. Although time away from someone you spent half a decade with is not okay in your eyes, maybe for them it was. You never want to be the one holding them back, so it is best to let them go.

I wasn’t a strong believer in the right person at the wrong time until now. I don't have many regrets, but if I could go back in time to before our argument, I would. I regret how big things progressed to be. Things, mindsets, and people can change from one day to another. I think what hurts the most is how easy it was for them to forget who I was.

Overall, heartbreak is an experience. Experiences aren’t always rainbows and butterflies; they are learning lessons that make you stronger. Maybe this change was needed for both of us.


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