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Chicago Bulls: A Zach LaVine Review

Zach Lavine NBC Sports

I’ve recently got the chance to watch the Chicago Bulls game at the United Center yesterday. Thanks to my family, I’ve been to a Bulls game every year since I started high school.

At the game, I was saddened to see so many empty seats. It was saddening because I was so used to seeing a packed stadium every time I went to a game.

It used to always be packed with loud, enthusiastic fans waiting to see the Bulls pull out a win.

Those were good times.

Now, we live in a different time. A time where the Bulls are 5-16 and you can hear a pin drop during the game.

Throughout these heartbreaking games, I’ve recognized some good and bad things from their franchise player, Zach LaVine.

Zach doesn’t have the clutch gene…yet

Here are a few disappointing moments I’ve noticed from Zach in clutch moments:

  1. Bulls vs Pistons: (5 seconds left, Bulls down two) Zach turns over the ball, Blake Griffin recovers the ball, and the Bulls lose 116-118.

  2. Bulls vs Nuggets: (15 seconds left, Bulls up one) Zach misses a mid-range shot, Nuggets recover the ball, then they score a two-pointer with 0.1 seconds remaining. Bulls lose 107-108.

  3. Bulls vs Spurs: (15 seconds left, Bulls down one) Zach misses a three-point shot, Spurs rebound, fumble the ball, but Bulls still lose 107-108.

As a Bulls fan, I’ve been spoiled with clutch bucket-getters like Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose. Every single one of these losses hurt like hell and makes me wonder why we got rid of Jimmy and Derrick.

Every Bulls fan was hoping Zach could be that guy who the Bulls give the ball in late-game situations. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look like he has the clutch gene…yet.

Looking at the brightside, this is all experience for the 23-year-old. Some players are born with the clutch gene, and others learn the clutch gene over time. Let’s hope Zach turns these L’s into lessons.

Zach is a scoring machine

At times, Zach LaVine looks like a reincarnated Derrick Rose (If he had died, obviously). Through 20 games, Zach has been averaging 27.2 points per game while making 45.6% of his field goals, 30.2% of his three’s, and 86.1% of his free throws.

Besides his three-point percentage, every part of his scoring has been impressive. His athleticism makes it easy for him to get to the rim whenever he wants. His respectable shot has allowed himself to space the floor for teammates to drive in.

Teams are getting used to this, though.Teams have been double-teaming Zach ever since he put the league on notice. Although, Zach has adapted to the double-teams, and no longer turns over the ball as much as he used to. As long as Zach keeps steadily improving, it’s only in due time Zach will be unguardable.


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