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Chicago Events Review: For the Creatives & Jam Night


This past week I was able to attend two dope events that were put on by some of Chicago’s most creative people. The first one was an art show hosted by Juicy Jackie that took place on the outskirts of Pilsen at the Chicago Art Department .The second event was on the opposite side of town in Lincoln Park at the Tonic Room, hosted by Social Experiment drummer Stix. Check out the reviews below and next time both happen again, come thru!

For The Creatives Presented by Juicy Jackie

jj (1)

You don’t normally see me at art shows but this one was different, as it was some of Chicago’s dopest artists coming together to show off their best work. The coolest part about this was that Jackie found each of the artists and invited them to showcase, with a number of them never showing their work besides on social media. On top of this, the art show came with free admission and two free drinks, along with DJ Stefan Ponce playing an awesome mix consisting of throwback and modern bangers. Overall, the vibe of this event was truly amazing with everybody in the room vibing out to great music and great art. Definitely looking forward to more of these shows in the future! Check out my favorite pics from the event below!

2016-01-23 20.18.05
2016-01-23 20.53.32
2016-01-23 20.31.42

Stix Presents: Jam Night


This was my second time going to a Jam Night by Stix, however this one was my favorite so far. First of all the venue that he picked was dope, The Tonic Room, a bar near Fullerton and Halsted. This venue was perfect, being that it was a small bar but also big enough for people to turn up in without getting trampled on. The night started off with DJ Shahar Habibi killing it playing a great mix of songs from Future’s hit songs to old ballads off Usher’s Confessions. After that Stix and the band took the stage, playing various songs such as All I Do by Stevie Wonder. The coolest part was the band encouraged crowd members to come up and freestyle over the band jamming out. To top off the night Chance the Rapper came through and did a dope freestyle with the band (see below). Overall, the show was something special, organic, and a great laid back atmosphere. Can’t wait to go to more!

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