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Chicago Public Libray's Wonderful Array of Events

Harold Washington Library

Many people would love to find a hobby and explore different crafts, along with making friends, but sometimes the resources for these activities aren't easy to find. With holidays coming up and the weather becoming gloomier and colder, Chicago Public Libraries all over the city have many events for people to attend. Since these activities are both in person and online, they can help bring communities and friends together. One of the most interesting events will be held on Wednesday, November 22nd, and it is a class hosted by Chamilla Foxx, a drag queen who will teach a drag makeup class.

Chamilla Foxx

Another event happening will be on Saturday, November 25th, where the library is hosting a workshop where people can register to 3D print their own keychain for free.

I love how all of the activities can have different varieties, and they're for everyone. While some are separated by age groups, such as activities for toddlers, kids, seniors, and teens, they are very inclusive. These activities are also completely free, so anyone can participate without worrying about financial expenses and have a little moment of peace where they can enjoy themselves. The activities range from makeup, crochet, movies, mahjong, technology, and more. I will put the link to the website for Chicago's Public Libraries and the activities where you can filter out by age group, date, and location to find the perfect event for you. Go out and make some friends and learn a new skill during this upcoming season.



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