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Chicago’s Got MILKK

Samantha Carter | Posted on November 08, 2019

Pat Kiloran of MILKK

Photo by Samantha CarterPat Kiloran of MILKK

With dozens of new bands busting onto the music scene every single day, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. One of those bands that are out there trying to make it in this crazy world is a band called MILKK. MILKK is an indie-pop band from Nashville, TN made up of members Pat Kiloran, Jack Vondrachek, and John Ogelby, and let me just say that they are an absolute force to be reckoned with. Over the past two years, they have spent insane amounts of time and energy trying to make themselves known to the world. From having full conversations with fans on social media to constantly writing and releasing new music, the band is clearly doing whatever they can to make it.

Jack Vondrachek of MILKK

Photo by Samantha CarterJack Vondrachek of MILKK

The band started off their discography with the EPs Sad Girls and If You’re Reading This, I Love You, released on March 28, 2018, and June 15, 2018, respectively. They followed up those releases with their debut album Headrush, released earlier this year on February 15, 2019. However, even though MILKK released a full-length record early in 2019, that didn’t stop them from creating and releasing more music. The band just released their brand-new EP God Loves You & So Do I this past Friday, November 1, 2019. God Loves You & So Do I features 6 tracks, 4 of which have been released about a month apart since the first song “All To Myself” was released on June 28, 2019.

Releasing all this music warranted a tour, and MILKK decided to join the city of Chicago in the midst of all the snow that’s been falling in early November. MILKK played at Cobra Lounge in Chicago on November 6, 2019, with openers ROM and Better Love, the latter of which is female-fronted, which is so cool! MILKK opened their show with the seventh track off of Headrush, “The Garden (I’ll Be Alright)” before jumping right into the upbeat songs “Forever 17” and “Here In My Head.” It was so cool to see the crowd jumping up and down while screaming the words to these songs, and really, all the other ones too. MILKK then transitioned into two tracks off of their new EP before jumping back into the last and first song off of Headrush. Their second-most streamed song on Spotify, “Pacific Kiss,” was played next, and this song definitely seemed like a highlight for the crowd, with the fans singing the words louder than the band was. After playing two more songs off of God Loves You & So Do I, MILKK played my personal favorite song by the band, “Leaving,” which was so amazing to finally hear live. To close out the show, the band played “All To Myself,” off the new EP, “Sad Girls,” which is an older track for fans that have been around since the beginning, and ended with “Stupid,” the band’s biggest hit. The band also stayed after for as long as the fans were willing because the fans “paid money to see [them] and hang out with [them], especially on a Wednesday night, so why not get your money’s worth?” which I really loved, since not every band has that kind of dedication to their fans. Read below for MILKK’s full setlist.

Jack Vondrachek of MILKK

Photo by Samantha CarterJack Vondrachek of MILKK

  1. The Garden (I’ll Be Alright)

  2. Forever 17

  3. Here In My Head

  4. Ride

  5. Ultra

  6. Annalise

  7. 90’s Baby

  8. Pacific Kiss

  9. Brazil

  10. Feel the Same

  11. Leaving

  12. All To Myself

  13. Sad Girls

  14. Stupid

Overall, I really enjoyed myself at this show. MILKK is definitely a band you need to look out for and go see them live if you have the chance. The whole band is super talented, and Pat’s voice is so amazing live. Until you find time to see a show of theirs in person, go buy or stream their new EP God Loves You & So Do I or their debut album Headrush (or really any and/or all of their music!) on all your favorite music platforms.

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