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Chicago Underground Release: "Hamster" by 1 Person

By Omar Canizales

The collective of artists, musicians and meme curators return with their 2nd single release, "Hamster."

Hamster by 1 Person

The eclectic group of creatives from Chicago return with a follow-up single to their fall debut, "Woo" (feat. Myko Baer), released in November of 2022. The group is formed by 3 core members and a wide array of collaborators. The 3 core members include Jiadi Tang (vocals/composition), Emily Gay (visuals) and Mark Miles (vocals/composition). It has been 4 months since the initial release of their 808 thumping single, "Woo," which was later accompanied by the visually mind-bending music video which introduced the band's mascot, Junior. The group then embarked on various social media campaigns which include the reoccurring segments of Junior's Meme Curation, 1 Person Official Interviews and Junior in Life.

The new single, "Hamster," features meticulous mixing, punchy-kicks and layers of harmonic yelling. The various background instruments that almost feel like Easter eggs grasp the listener to keep them on their toes. The opening of the track greets the listener to a distorted yet happy ringtone melody, then proceeds to full swing-punch the listener with an explosive hit of sound. The infectious chorus comes in full swing featuring Jiadi & Miles screaming, "All by myself" at the top of their lungs that creates a wall of explosive energy. We also get infectious verses from both Jiadi & Miles that feel both intense yet excitingly personal, but extremely playful in their delivery. All of these things combine to create an overall exciting listen and a very outstanding release in the Chicago underground community.

Hamster is now available for listening on Spotify or on Apple Music.



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