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ChicagoRevival’s Artist Spotlight: Snoozegod

Jada May | Posted on March 01, 2019



ChicagoRevival Meets Snoozegod

Picture of Snoozegod


25 year-old Phillip Conley, also known as Snoozegod is on the rise. He is from Fremont, Ohio and he produces music from R&B to Hip Hop and Rap.

He started producing music back in 2009 with two of his friends, Kenny Hardaway and Sammie Notez. After graduating, he met another like artist by the name of Relo. In 2015, Snoozegod met another artist named Blackbear. Ever since then they have been really good friends.

“Nothing really drew me to it,” Snooze said when asked about what drew him to the music industry. “I just had a camera in my hands and was able to be around so much I just started songwriting after we got off tour”.

Snoozegod continued diving into the music scene in 2016 when he and Relo formed a group called Surfclub. With their hit song being released, Snapchat.

His first co-written song was Paragraphs by Blackbear. “I Miss the Old You, was the best song I made with Bear, personally my favorite too and not because my name is in it” said Snooze when asked about his most favorite song that he has made.

Aside from touring with Bear and producing music, Snooze can also DJ.

“Yeah I can DJ, I did a Bearday at the On the Rox it was the best party they ever had there, and bear trap s**t you know”.

Progressing in his music career Snooze hopes to reach at least one billboard hit that people will play over and over again. The artists that inspire him to do so are Partynextdoor, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, and Michael Bivins. He would also love to work with artists such as Partynextdoor, Zeina, and FrfvFriday.

What is one piece of advice you would give anyone pursuing a career in music?

“Watch your back and read over everything you sign, also the people you meet first in music are probably the realest ones you’ll meet.”

If you missed the live interview with Snoozegod, you can catch it here on his Sound Cloud page.

I Miss The Old You

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