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Chipotle’s $3 Burritos!

Hey guys!

Happy Halloween!


Aside from all the treats we’ll be getting this Halloween weekend, here’s another to add to your list!

Chipotle is selling $3 burritos from 5 p.m. to close today! However, there’s one catch.

The catch is, is that you have to add something “unusual” or “unnecessary” to your costume.

So, for example, you can add on roller skates to your costume of a scuba diver.


The restaurant’s idea of this is to address the idea to customers that there are “unnecessary additives” found in most fast food places. It is to alert the customers about the types of artificial flavors that are used in most fast food restaurants and why they are not necessary.

For more information, check out this link: $3 Chipotle Boorito

Remember to be safe, but have fun as well!

Till next time,



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