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Chiraq Clothing Presents: SOUL GANG-Last Dayz Cypher

Time to get familiar-Chiraq Clothing sponsoring local upcoming Chicago artists and talent currently on the rise.

Why embrace the name “Chiraq?” With violence increasing throughout the city, the name itself could indeed be highly controversial. The name Chiraq was chosen to highlight Chicago and make something grow here. Supporting artists throughout the city allows us to look past the “war zone” debate of the name and focus on growing diverse talent Chicago has to offer. Sponsoring solidarity is a great approach to unity in a violence-torn city. Chiraq Clothing sponsors local upcoming group SOUL GANG, a group of talented men all with the same goals and aspirations. While giving back to the community, Chiraq Clothing has participated in several local fundraisers and events, all in support of local upcoming artists.

“Support those who support you.”

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