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Circa Survive: Concert Review

Last month, I got to see the band Circa Survive perform at Chicago’s The House of Blues and it was, hands down, one of the most incredible and energetic concerts that I have experienced yet.

Lead Singer: Anthony Green

Although I’ve been a fan of Circa Survive for a while now, this was the first time that I’ve ever seen them perform live. At their Chicago concert, Circa Survive had two amazing opening acts: Tera Melos and Title Fight who were both really talented bands that did a great job in getting the crowd pumped.

circa survive logo

When Circa Survive went on stage, I felt felt the floor tremble as the fans started to jump up and down, cheering for the band. The band opened up their set with a powerful performance of the song “Through the Desert Alone” from their album Blue Sky Noise. The audience took to crowd surfing as soon as the first song started. After the first song, the excited fans went as far as to crowd surfing in between songs when the band wasn’t even playing any music.

For the next few songs, the band continued to perform music from their older albums. It wasn’t until the fifth song that the band performed “Schema“, a song from their newest album Descensus.

Throughout the show, I was really impressed by the interaction that the lead singer, Anthony Green, had with the audience. During the songs, Green went right up to the barricade, reaching out to touch the hands of his fans. He also constantly held up his mic towards the crowd, encouraging them to sing along with him.

As the night progressed, the people in the venue continued to overflow with energy. Both the crowd and the band seemed to be running on an infinite supply of adrenaline. I was impressed again and again by the level of involvement that Green had with the audience. After finishing their set with the song “Child of the Desert“, the band was welcomed back on stage to perform one last song for their encore, “Get Out“.

I don’t think that I had one favorite moment from the concert. To be honest, I really enjoyed the entirety of show. I really liked that the band performed a balanced amount of songs from all of their albums instead of focusing on one particular album. Some of my highlights from the night include hearing the band perform one of my favorite songs “In Fear and Faith” live, seeing Anthony Green interact with the audience, and getting to talk to a lot of the concert-goers.

Check out the song “Act Appalled” by Circa Survive below! Although they didn’t perform this at the concert, it’s a fan favorite. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


(Photos taken by Pearl Shin)

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