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Climate Change Consequences: Mudslides in British Columbia

Mudslides are something people in the Midwest tend to not worry about due to the lack of elevation that makes them a non-issue in places like Chicago. But in the Pacific Northwest of North America, mudslides are a harrowing reality. Recently in British Columbia, a huge landslide has broken the city of Vancouver off from the rest of the country of Canada.

Three bodies have been found as a result of this event. While landslides are common and a part of nature, the number and severity are bound to increase due to the sweeping wildfires that the continent has been experiencing. These wildfires cause a loss in vegetation that keeps soil in place, resulting in a higher chance of mudslides. This is just one of the many severe consequences of climate change. These events will likely continue to have consequences on supply lines to cities and towns in the future. It will hopefully bring more attention to safety needs for roads along mountain passes as we will continue to live with the consequences of climate change.

The image above is courtesy of the Vancouver Sun and shows emergency works sifting through one of the sites.



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