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Concert Review: Freddie Gibbs @ Thalia Hall 4/20/16


Freddie Gibbs is one of the hardest working rappers in the industry, putting out multiple projects each year. In a time where rappers are notorious for not knowing their lyrics at concerts and only jumping around to their beats. Freddie is completely different, as he often varies in between rapping along with the beat and Acapella in order for you to grasp the meaning of his lyrics. His Shadow of a Doubt tour has been selling out all over the country, so I decided to attend this special homecoming show for him, being that he is originally from nearby Gary, Indiana. This was one of the best rap shows I’ve seen in awhile, as sold out Thalia Hall rocked with Freddie on a special night.

The Opening Acts

Chris Spencer (Chris Crack & Vic Spencer)

Chicago duo Chris Spencer were the first opening act I saw, they did not disappoint. The two provided immediate energy from the beginning, interacting with crowd, and even smoking up a little with them for the holiday. Both Chris Crack and Vic Spencer performed notable solo tracks and also came together to perform cuts off their critically acclaimed album “Who the F*** is Chris Spencer?”. I was able to catch footage of No Biggies and Cue Ball below that got the crowd hype to begin the night. Check it out! Also check out my blog about them a few weeks ago here.


Next up was Jay IDK who continued the night performing songs off his album SubTrap. Up until this point I never heard about this guy, but he impressed me, performing bars over some crazy beats. The footage I got below was of Jay’s song “The Plug” which was one of the best songs of his performance. Check it out below, along with his other dope music.

Freddie Gibbs Live

Now it was time for the main act, with the crowd already hyped from the openers, Freddie was ready to take the stage. Before he came on he had his hilarious uncle introduce him and Freddie came to the stage dressed in a hoodie. Immediately, he took it off showing his customized Cubs Jersey saying “Freddie Kane” on the back and went into the intro “Rearview” off his last album. Right away you knew this night would be special, as the crowd knew all the words. Fortunately, I was able to catch some footage of it, check it out below.

After his memorable entrance, Gibbs hit the crowd with some throwbacks off his album Baby Face Killa, with hits such as “Still Livin” and “Kush Cloud” in accordance with the 4/20 holiday. After that, Freddie started performing songs off my favorite album by him Pinata, with songs such as “Deeper” and “Thuggin”. The funniest part of the show happened during here when he performed the song “Harold’s” off the album and proceeded to hand out chicken from the restaurant to the crowd. Although it was a small gesture, it showed a lot about how much Freddie recognizes his fans for his success and appreciates the ones that have been riding with him from the beginning.

After performing songs off Pinata the concert took a turn for more hyped songs with Freddie performing hits such as “Mexico”, “Pronto”, “Old English”, and “F***** up the Count”. With each song the energy increased, as the crowd starting mosh pitting and Freddie’s entourage started throwing water at the crowd. At this point, Freddie was taking the concert into another gear, as he increased more acapella raping, having the crowd rap along with him. He also demanded the lights be turned off during these songs, stripping down the set to be only about one  thing, the music.http://iframe%20src=

After this, Freddie finally closed out by thanking the crowd for everything then performing probably one his most famous songs “BFK”. This was the moment everybody was waiting for, as the whole crowd went so insane that I wasn’t even able to get footage of this one. So watch the music video below!

Final Review

I’ve been to many concerts in my life and also seen Freddie twice before. However, this performance is not only my favorite performance by him, it is also probably in my top 5 concerts ever. Freddie gives you a raw, yet extremely polished performance of what rap concerts are supposed to be about, the music. He knows his lyrics so well that he knows exactly how and when to transition to next song, increasing the energy after each. Freddie Gibbs is a living legend and should not be regarded as just the best gangster rapper in the game, but also one of the best, period. If you’re lucky enough, go see him live next time he’s in your town, you won’t regret it.

This concludes this special edition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Pagetwitter account or instagram account. You can also follow me personally @LFH25.



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