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Congratulations, Graduates: Signs You’re Almost An Adult!

Congratulations to all that are graduating next weekend, you did it!! This post is in honor of you: thanks to Elite Daily, here are some signs that signal the fact that you are now (almost) grown-up and ready to take over the world!

1. You relate more to Squidward than Spongebob…enough said.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 7.29.51 PM

2. You’ve had to google some of the current slang terms. I’ll admit…I had to look up what fleek meant because, I mean really where did that even come from??

3. You actually have fresh food in your fridge…at least more than beer and frozen food!

4. College kids, namely freshman, seem so weird and childish to you now! 

5. You want a pet more than anything…but you know you’re not responsible enough for one (unfortunately).

6. You’d rather stay in and enjoy a quite night, instead of going out and being loud.

7. You’ve realized that you’re a hardworking person and you can do anything you want in life! Want to travel the world? Go for it. Want start a business? That’s what you went to college for. Want to go to grad school and/or med school? You’ve earned it. You can do anything want, because there is nothing stopping you. This is your time to shine, Class of 2015. You be you!!

Congrats once again, Class of 2015!!


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