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Cutting off old ties: My first “big chop” experience.

As humans, we like to experiment with our look quite often. Personally, I’ve experimented with my hair a fair amount of times. This included the use of heat, chemicals, hair dye, you name it! I hadn’t even tried many new hair colors or cuts before my hair had become moderately damaged. I noticed my neglectful behavior as my hair grew to the longest length it had ever been. In May of 2020, during quarantine, I decided to do the “big chop.” For those who are unaware, the big chop consists of someone literally chopping their hair off. I’ll insert pictures just to really show how essential the word “big” is here.

May 2020: Before and After

Honestly, I enjoyed this haircut. It was the most fun thing I’ve ever experienced. I felt so free! I felt very mature, and it added to the “grown and sexy,” look I was going for. I’m here to let everyone know that it’s OKAY to chop your hair off. Whether it’s a fresh start, or a new look; do it! It’ll look fabulous, and it will grow back quicker than you think.

Recently, I decided to get another cut. This time it was a bit shorter, and I even got a design on the side! I thought it was beautiful the first week…and now I’m planning to grow my hair to my shoulders. Ugh, my mind! *chef’s kiss* Believe me! I enjoyed this last style, but I’m really beginning to miss the length. Now, my hair grows fast; but, I’m taking vitamins to speed up the process. Stay tuned for the growth!

August 2020: my most recent haircut.


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