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Dead Man Walking – Floyd Akhi


While at Floyd Akhi listening session, I got a chance to speak with him before he hit the stage to perform a few tracks off of his latest mixtape “Dead Man Walking”. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Shon And Chicago King Dave. Akhi shared with me a bit about himself, his motivation, and his music.

He went on to share how he is thankful for his family introducing him to the music industry and having such a heavy influence on him early on. Taking that influence with hard work, hustle, and love for the city… Akhi brings it through in his music. With intense vocals, heavy bass and drums… Trap and Drill is what he delivers in “DMW”. “Category” and “God Dayum” are a couple tracks that he says are his picks.. but he loves his mixtape as a whole. “Squadren” and “On My Grind” had the crowd bouncing with him during his performance. I asked him “What is something that you want the people to know?” His reply “I want people to know, its ok to be yourself. Whoever you are, just BE YOU and stop with all the fake ish. Hustle hard and make a name for yourself, and at the end of the day… thats yo grind and no one can take that from you.”

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