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Deadmau5 Takes It Too Far? Bringing The “Animals” Back To Old MacDonald’s Farm

Deadmau5’s attempt to do a favor for a friend by taking Avicii’s place at Ultra Music Festival due to Avicii’s recent hospitalization and surgery not only had people talking—it had people in what seemed like an endless war with words.

Anyone who knows the dance music phenomena Deadmau5 knows that the producer is not too fond of the mainstream EDM scene that UMF endorses.

The 17 year-old producer Martin Garrix now dominates that mainstream EDM scene, with his No. 1 hit single “Animals” being the ultimate anthem for EDM in this new era.

But with past rants and disapproval aside, Zimmerman took it to a new level after his performance and Ultra tweets this past week.

His controversial jokes began early on in the UMF festival, as he tweeted “lemme know if garrix plays animals… and the set contains at LEAST 1 countdown from 10. Thanks.”

The focus on Martin Garrix continued as only minutes later he tweeted “ah, animals! what a surprise!”

Of course Zimmerman wasn’t about to let it die down either.

Before his set the Canadian producer tweeted “throwing some random bullshit together for the set… holy shit I’m such a dick, this is gunna be awesome.”

And even though his set was phenomenal, some say he stooped far too low when he featured an already existing rework of Garrix’s fame starter “Animals.”

The rework turned the EDM anthem into “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” at the track’s bass drop.

Zimmerman sure seemed to enjoy his joke as he danced as it played and laughed at a crowd that was still attempting to jam out to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

After the set he finalized his joke by tweeting “I am an evil genius.”

After targeting both Martin Garrix and the mainstream EDM crowd, an EDM word war was catalyzed via Twitter.

Some of Deadmau5’s fans supported his playfulness and the fact that he targeted a crowd and a producer that they thought was all that was wrong with EDM.

Others said that the producer went too far, being downright disrespectful with his tweets and use of the rework in his performance.

Martin Garrix did not respond to the use of the reworks or Deadmau5’s tweets but Tiesto stepped in to defend him tweeting, “animals by Martin Garrix was and is an amazing epic track and he has 100 more epic releases coming in the future #supertalent.”

What do you think?

Listen to Deadmau5’s whole UMF set below, including the reworked version of “Animals” and leave a comment below.


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