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  • Diego Basaldu

Dieg’s Wave Playlist 1/18/2023

artwork by Hori Miso

Below is the playlist for the show on January 18th, 2023. Tracks from 2022 that I greatly enjoyed and wanted to share. You can ride on Dieg’s Wave every Wednesday from 11pm to 1pm CST on Follow the show’s social media for any updates on Instagram and Twitter.

“Soft Bruise” — Parannoul – White Ceiling / Black Dots Wandering Around

“Sour Punch” — BlushingPossessions 

“walls” — Asian Glowwalls / cobble stone

“Tennis” — CourtingGuitar Music

“Rapture” — Working Men’s ClubFear Fear

“Foul” — Special InterestEndure

“The Plan” — SaltToday & Tomorrow

“Nabe party with pocket brothers” — Otoboke BeaverSuper Champon

“Snow” — Hinako Omoria journey…

“Cabana de Mel” — Molly LewisMirage

“medo de morrer” — sonhos tomam containsolação

“Star Stuff” — Luna LiDuality

“No Real Place” — Say Sue MeThe Last Thing Left

“On the Radio” — SpoonLucifer On The Sofa

“Option 8” — HorsegirlVersions of Modern Performance

“Ulrichmod” — noman’s’lavevelocade

“Anahata” — IgnezAnahata

“Deities’ Party” — Elephant Gym, Chic Tian Folk Drums And Art TroupeDreams

“Free Fall” — Slot MachineKinnPorsche The Series: Original Soundtrack 

“sweet.” — Static DreamsRouge Carpet Disaster

“ตน” — Desktop ErrorI n d e l i b l e s t a i n

“Thin Thing” — The SmileA Light for Attracting Attention

“Best Thing You Never Had (The D Song)” — SpiritualzedEverything Was Beautiful

“Poema del salsero resentido” — Meridian Brothers & El Grupo RenacimientoMeridian Brothers & El Grupo Renacimiento

“Bufo” — Sonido Gallo NegroPaganismo

“Blacklight Shine” — The Mars VoltaThe Mars Volta

“Mawarukagami” — PerfumePLASMA

“Hikari no disco (Album mix)” — CapsuleMETRO CAPSULE

“You Don’t Own Me” — TaminoSahar

“Catch A Colt” — The Afghan WhigsHow Do You Burn? 

“Toni” — InterpolThe Other Side Of Make-Believe 

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