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  • Diego Basaldu

Dieg’s Wave Playlist 2/22/2023

artwork by Hori Miso

Below is the playlist for the show on February 22, 2023. You can ride on Dieg’s Wave every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm CST on Follow the show’s social media for any updates on Instagram and Twitter.

“He Would Have Laughed” — Deerhunter  – Halcyon Digest

“Hands on the Clock” — Skeletal Family  – Futile Combat

“Looking Inwardly” — The Chameleons  – What Does Anything Mean? Basically

“Alice’s House” — The Psychedelic Furs  – Mirror Moves

“Whip Blow” — Cabaret Voltaire  – The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of the Lord

“So What” — Ministry  – The Mind Is a Terrible to Taste

“Gross Chapel — British Grenadiers” – The Fall  – Bend Sinister

“How Do You Deal” — Throbbing Gristle – TG Now

“Yü-gung” — Einstürzende Neubauten  – Halber Mensch

“P-ADIC” — Phew  – Phew

“Spasmolytic” — Skinny Puppy  – Too Dark Park

“Echoplex” — Nine Inch Nails  – The Slip

“Broom” — Liars  – “There’s Always Room On The Broom”

“The Unattractive, Portable Head” — Daughters  – Daughters

“Final Impact” — Front Line Assembly – Tactical Neural Implant

“Death Machine” — Suicide  – American Supreme

“Inertia Creeps” — Massive Attack  – Mezzanine

“The Sinner in Me” — Depeche Mode  Playing the Angel

“Fascination Street (Extended Mix)” — The Cure  – Mixed Up



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