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Don’t Sleep on When We All Fall Asleep…

Zach Florek | Posted on April 19, 2019

Billie Eilish singing

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

How does this album stack up in my mind?

I should probably start with a disclaimer on this. I don’t usually review albums….like ever. But, I’m ready to tackle something new. So, without further ado, let’s introduce the album I will be reviewing.

The album I am going to review is from the absolute pop smash Billie Eilish, with her first LP WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? I shouldn’t have to even bother introducing Billie as we all probably know the 17 year old by now, but she got her start in 2016 with singles “ocean eyes” and “six feet under” immediately introducing the world to her dark and lyrically deep tunes and she has absolutely skyrocketed to universal fame since then. Currently, she is the 9th largest artist in the world in terms of monthly listeners, according to Spotify.

So, the way I’m thinking of going about this is that I am going to list the songs and my thoughts about each one and then at the end of the album review, I will be giving a rating out of 10. Now, let’s stop playing with our food and let’s get right into the meat and potatoes of it! It’s review time, baby!


!!!!!!! (0:14)– It doesn’t take long for those who don’t know Billie to immediately realize just how weird Billie is. In this super short intro, Billie is taking her Invisalign out and states it while laughing. That’s literally all that happens, but it’s weird enough that it hooks you in with little to no effort.

bad guy (3:14)– This song is so catchy. The beat is relatively quick paced but it fits the flow and style Billie was going for in the song for sure. The transition straight into the chorus is fantastic and the chorus has some of the most catchy lyrics, naturally. But what makes me the happiest is the “duh” to transition to a bopping beat that’s fun and playful. The end of bad guy has a drastically different beat but its still really solid.

xanny (4:04)– If you’re looking for a super bass heavy song, xanny is your drug (HA funny, Zach). It’s a slower tempo song that starts with Billie whispering poetic wondering why people even do take drugs. Then the bass comes in during the chorus and if you have headphones on listening to the song, well, I warned you the bass was heavy. Overall, the song is a really solid message not about being anti-drug, but more so about being safe.

you should see me in a crown (3:01)– The first time I heard this, I immediately had shivers upon the first knife sharpening (I think that’s what it is at least) bit and the overall tone of the song. This is the song that had me hyped for this album ever since it was released. The production on this song especially is incredible. It’s clear that this song is about ruling over the weak/just being a ruler, but did you know this song was inspired by a scene from the TV show Sherlock?

all the good girls go to hell (2:49)– This is one of the more interesting songs, as Billie twists and morphs Christian symbolism into a poppy tune about climate change. The lyrics “hills burn in California” and “once the water starts to rise, and Heaven’s out of sight” make the topic relatively clear, but for being a song that’s got a lot of political references with it being about climate change, it’s extremely catchy.

wish you were gay (3:42)– The meaning behind this song actually hits home a little for me. This song, which is set to the tune of a more sad ballad with a laugh track behind it, is all about rejection and trying to get over it. Billie had said it was actually based on a guy who had rejected her, and she thought it was because she was a bad person. So, she had hoped in her mind that it was because he was gay. As it turns out, he actually was gay after all. I’ve felt like this after rejections, so I really get the message she was putting forth.

when the party’s over (3:16)– When the party’s over is the sad song we all thought was sad but actually has a different kind of tone. While the tempo and melody give the vibe of a sad song, the song’s tone is actually meant to be more of an angry mood, with Billie calling her lover while they’re at a party and with them being mad about something and, at that moment, her snapping and just asking for space. The whole song is hauntingly mesmerizing, and the music video encapsulates that even better.

8 (2:53)– This is the one song upon first listen I didn’t really care for all that much, but upon further listening, I actually enjoy it. It’s not my favorite on the album at all, but I think it hits all the notes it was trying to hit. I just don’t really care for the pitch-shifted verses, but mostly because I think she has a great voice and can emphasize the tone with her natural voice in those verses.

my strange addiction (3:00)– I absolutely love that she sampled The Office in the beginning of the song, and as the interlude. I also really like the tempo of this song. I feel like I’ve said that for every song, or at least have gestured towards that. This song is about how one can like someone so much that it almost becomes an addiction. Also, yes, Billie is a superfan of The Office.

bury a friend (3:13)– I think the almost minimalistic approach to the melody in the song is what makes this so good. That and the numerous tools she used to make all the creepy effects in the song. For instance, did you know that the high pitched drilling was actually from a dentist’s office? Yep. Billie had to go to the dentist one day and ended up recording the dentist drilling into her tooth. Good song. Very creepy, but very good.

ilomilo (2:36)– This is one of my favorite songs about the album. I think it’s just a cute song that is based on separation. The whole tone of the song and the melody just get me. The part that I think I like the most is the refrain, where the lyrics “hurry, I’m worried” are all chopped up. It reminded me of Helena by My Chemical Romance, that little bit in the refrain did. But yeah, the whole message of the song is really nice.

listen before I go (4:03)– This song gets deep really quickly. It’s a song directly centered around suicide, and you can read that from the lyrics and the tone relatively quickly. It’s definitely a song that can get you a little choked up. I really like the samples of the thunder in the background and then the police sirens. It really brings the lyrics to life which can be quite haunting.

I love you (4:52)– I love you is one of those songs that, as my friend explained to me, “is a song you hear and see a cold winter’s day.” I think what he meant by that is that the song is definitely a sad song, and the lyrics and melody embody that of a cold winter’s day. The song is about the struggles of a complicated relationship and is the longest track on the album.

goodbye (1:59)– Goodbye is the final track on the album, and it actually is just a collection of lyrics from the previous songs put together to kind of close out the album. I kind of like this approach, but I feel like it wasn’t necessary. I love you could have easily closed the album out, I feel. It’s an interesting track, though. I just don’t feel it’s completely necessary.

What do I rate the album? I think that the album is actually very solid. It has a few shortcomings, but they don’t really detract from the album as a whole. If I were to give the album a rating out of 10 I think that an 8.5 is a fair rating.

Top Tracks: ilomilo, wish you were gay, when the party’s over

Ehh Tracks: 8, goodbye

Don’t forget to stream WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? on all digital media platforms and go buy the album and maybe go see Billie live if tickets haven’t sold out already!

That about wraps this blog up!

I actually really enjoyed reviewing this album. It really brought out the tracks I really loved and cherished, and it even brought light on some tracks I didn’t initially care for but in the end actually enjoyed quite a bit! Maybe I will do this again? Only time will tell….and maybe if y’all would be so kind as to suggest albums for me to review! I’m always more than happy to listen to music, new to me or otherwise!

This now completes your monthly required reading of my blog. Yay! But before you go, did you know I have a radio show now? Yep, I do! It’s called An Alternative Perspective and it is on every Friday night at 7-8PM CST. I usually play whatever tickles my fancy at the moment or whatever fits the theme I have for that week, and I always love to take requests! Please feel free to check it out! Who knows, maybe I’ll be playing your new all-time favorite artist?

Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it! To keep up with what’s going on in my life and whatnot, go and follow me at the following:

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