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Donny Konz – 4 Chi City Radio Recap

Recently on 4 CHI CITY RADIODonny konz came through with new music and latest on updates. Here’s a recap of his interview.

donny konz

Name your top five favorite artists? 

 Kid CudiEminemJ. ColeDrakeKing Louie

Kid Cudi, I like his soul and his vibes, I feel him the most. He’s like me on the inside I think.. I love his flows, wordplay, and how he helped change the game in Hip Hop.

King Louie, I feel like the wordplay and scheme on how he writes gets me. Its more of the delivery he has… its not common. It’s sorta everywhere. And as a Chicago artist, if you can be hard and different I feel that!  I’m from a hard place, plus he’s OVO with the main homie Drake.

Drake, well Drake, he does everything right!! From rapping to singing, he can create new sounds and melodies. That’s why he is always a step ahead of the game. I want to pick his brain one day, because it’s not so much about making hits… its about making the song that will be hot with a new sound. But I have no favorite or order, I listen to a lot of different artists.

 What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

I just always had a gift for music and words, so I just went with it. It started in grammar school, and it went from there. I was planning on being a reporter or something like that.

Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist? Or most memorable moment.

I opened for Hoodie Allen, and like 2,000 people were at the rave. But really… everything I do is big in my eyes, every step leads to more success and making hits.

What’s something about you, that people may not know?

Ummm, I’m a nice guy… but my soul is fire. So undeneath it all, don’t mess with me! Ha! Which is why my music is so filled with anger. I feel over looked at times, but if I wasnt, I wouldn’t be as good as I am. And i love anime, big Naruto and DBZ fan.

 What do you hate & what do you love about Chicago?

I don’t hate anything about Chicago, but I don’t love everything about it. A lot of things that happen in this city make me who and what I am.

What is something you want people to know about you as an artist?

As a artist, I have a great flow… but I love just vibing with the music. Sometimes less words are more words in my eyes. I freestyle for hours in the mirror sometimes when im feeling myself, or act like I was battling another rapper. Ha!

@donnykonz IG @donnykonz

Thanks for ROCKIN wit us!!

Log on to Sunday nights 6-8pm 

4 Chi City Radio Hosted by B Roc & D. Skyles

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